मराठीमध्ये नवनवीन दर्जेदार अत्याधुनिक संकेतस्थळे निर्माण करण्यासाठी आवश्यक ते तंत्रज्ञान, माहिती व सेवा आम्ही देतो...

Why create a Marathi Website?

Why should you have your website in Marathi?

  • If your customers or readers are primarily Marathi or
  • If your content / literature is in Marathi or
  • If you have to publish your content in a local language like Marathi

In all such cases, your Website MUST be in Marathi!

Which types of websites can possibly be done in Marathi?

In fact any modern website can be done in Marathi. A modern website can perform multiple functions & can have infinite number of applications. Entire range of functions and applications can indeed be achived by having a website in Marathi language.

Some of the main purposes of having a website are :

  • Providing information about your work, organization, company, products & services
  • Collecting information, feedback, comments etc from your customers
  • Hosting & conducting discussion forums
  • Publishing your art & literature e.g. poems, stories etc & receiving feedback from readers
  • Building a volunteer's network for our organization & publishing events information
  • Publishing electronic version of our Magazine or Publication & having online subscriptions
  • Selling our goods & services online